Lip Scrubs
Lip Scrubs
Lip Scrubs
Lip Scrubs
Lip Scrubs

Lip Scrubs

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Exfoliating is so important and beneficial for the lips. It removed the dead and dry skin. These scrubs contain very moisturizing oils with many benefits and they exfoliate very well.  This Definitely leaves the lips feeling new and hydrated like never before. The lemon scrub is the perfect scrub if you're looking to enhance the brightness of your lips whereas, the rose hip scrub is very moisturizing as well as soothing due to the roses inside! The Lavender scrub is so hydrating but the best attribute is the amazing calming properties it provides! This is the perfect scrub to wind down with. Don't forget to get your Lemon, Lavender, or Rose glosses for the perfect moisturizer  after your scrub!

Place scrub on freshly cleansed lips, rub in thoroughly, and rinse.

If you'd like you can let it sit for a few minutes.

After rinsing apply a moisturizer (Nadi but Nice gloss of course) and enjoy your brand new amazing lips!

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Lemon: Sugar, Aloe Vera, Grape-seed Oil, Lemon juice, Food Coloring. 

Rose Hip: 
Sugar, Aloe Vera, Grape-seed Oil, Rose Buds, Food Coloring.

Lavender: Sugar, Honey, Apricot oil, Grape seed oil, Mica Powder, Lavender petals 

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